Sample Testing Results


The sample testing results here illustrate how the device improved balance for a patient with profound bilateral vestibular loss. The patient was instructed to maintain balance on a testing platform (Balance Master, NeuroCom) for 10 seconds in each trial. The 3D plots show how patient's COG (Center of Gravity) moved along the time (vertical axis) in three consecutive trials.

Baseline Testing without Device

  The 3D plot on the left shows her COG trajectories overtime on the balance platform with a firm surface. It shows that she could not balance with her eyes closed within the 10-second trials. She drifted backwards and fell within less than 5 seconds in each trial. She did not attempt to balance on a foam surface with eyes closed.

Balancing with EquiCue

Upright Neutral Position

  The device defines an upright neutral position with up to 3° tilting from this position in all directions, within which no feedback is given.

 She still drifted backwards but could slowly manage to come back to the upright position and finish the trials without falling.

  No falling with eyes closed on a foam surface! Trial 2&3 are a lot better than the first trial.

Neutral Position Tilted Forward

 The neutral position is configured to tilt forward by 9° from the upright position.

 The patient is quite stable with eyes closed whether she is standing on a firm surface or a foam surface.  

Balancing with eyes closed on a firm surface.

Balancing with eyes closed on a foam surface.