EquiCue Intraoral Balance Aid

An enjoyable life depends on the sense of balance. 

 Regain it with a wearable and invisible balance device from Innervo.

Hidden and Noninvasive Balance Prosthesis

Retainer-like device

Retainer-like Device

for those with lost sense of balance due to inner-ear balance disorders, agiing, brain injuries, and migraine, etc.

Palate-based balance

Wearable in the Oral Cavity

No surgery is ever needed, and can be removed if not in use.

Constant and accurate detection of head tilting and motion.

Alternative sensory feedback on the palatal surface.

Designed for Patients on the Move

Unaltered appearance in public.

Wireless control by a wrist watch for setting adjustment.

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The device is not yet FDA-approved for sale in US.

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